Process Workflow

Design and branding

It is important that corporate design adequately meets the brand’s appearance.

Andreas Eberharter will impress anyone his “AND_i stamp”. This creates new products that accentuate/ highlight/ emphasize the appearance of the brand and make its unique character clearly visible.

We give your logo a form.


Depending on customer requirements we design prototypes which are either manually modeled / carved, or created digitally, and then milled with CNC, or 3D plot.

There are several approaches to work with AND_i4U

You come to us- with a rough idea:

We built around the concept, design, prototyping and implementation

You come to us- with a concrete idea, just need IMPLEMENTATION:

Depending on necessity , we CREATE prototypes, and FINISH the process all the way till the production line.

Production Management

We have production partners in Austria, Germany and Thailand. We do not produce in political incorrect countries, earn money based on other peoples agony. We do not want to destroy our planet earth.


We work in cooperation with some really unique business partners in order to cover all requirements. Some of them are part of the team since the beginning of the process.

Nora Rieser / costume designer is covering the part when customized dresses, costumes, apparel, a.s.o. is needed.

We also recommend the Production Team from our network: Photographers, Graphic designers, Stylists, Creative team, 3D coder.

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